Hi, I'm Sara! I'm an antique jewelry curator (GIA AJP, and gemologist in training) and a professional opera singer

Like many notable opera divas before me, I've always had a passion for fine jewelry. My very first vintage piece was a small Art Deco ring that I received from my grandparents for my 16th birthday. When I brought it to a jeweler to be sized, he told me that the small diamond in the ring was an old European cut, and that small seed of information awoke in me a desire to learn everything there is to know about vintage and antique fine jewelry. I have spent nearly two decades learning, researching, and lusting after the most beautiful vintage and antique jewels. In 2018, I turned my obsession with antique diamonds and estate fine jewelry into a multi-faceted dual career with Songbird Sara Antique Jewelry! The two sides of my professional life work together in perfect harmony; while performing major roles with opera companies and symphonies, and traveling alongside my opera singing husband, I am able to source inventory from all over the world. This unique opportunity allows me to offer you some of the most unique and exquisite vintage and antique fine jewelry pieces available today.